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Counselling Resources

  • Basic Counselling Skills Workshop DVD

    This 30-hour workshop gives the theoretical foundation and the basic skills to help people know and worship God better and offer help for human problems. 9 DVDs. This set sells for $200.00.  There are so many problems we human beings face in life:...

  • Below the Waterline DVD Below the Waterline DVD

    The iceberg is a good illustration of the relationship between a person's actions, thoughts, and emotions. An iceberg can be dangerous to a ship because of its powerful, unseen mass of ice. Often only one-tenth of the iceberg is above the waterline,...

  • Birth of the Adult DVD Birth of the Adult DVD

    How the roles of mom and dad change as the child grows. When our first child was born, Clara went through birth pains. After birth our daughter was totally dependent on Clara. When she entered the adolescent years I realized I needed to be a bigger part...

  • Issues of the Heart DVD Issues of the Heart DVD

    Three messages on one DVD by Dr. Clair Schnupp on Pain, Shame, Repentance and Forgiveness. Dr. Clair explains how God helps all of us deal with our pain and shame, and how important forgiveness and repentance are for our lives. Pain - God will meet us...

  • The Gift of Biblical Sexuality DVD The Gift of Biblical Sexuality DVD

    Our sexuality is a gift from God. It is an important part of being made in the image of God, male and female. The physical expression of sexuality is holy within the marriage relationship. But when sin came into the world, it also affected our sexuality,...